Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008, the headlines

  • January: I left ThoughtWorks after almost 4 years. Mixed feelings.
  • February: I started my new job in the City.
  • April: Took a holiday in Scotland. Scotland is good.
  • June: Had vasectomy. My advice: take at least 3 days off to recover. That's all you need to know. Oh, and don't make small talk in the waiting room. Just bury your nose in the gadget magazines like everyone else.
  • July: Lesley started working again. I take the kids to school 2 mornings a week. Discover new meaning to being organised. Lovely to do, though.
  • August: fantastic holiday in France. Unless exchange rate moves it could be Bognor next year.
  • October: Did my one conference of the year - CITCON. Had to pay for it myself. Worth it.
  • December: Left my city job. More interesting things to do. More on that later.
Funny old year. Didn't ride my hybrid bike much (see June). Barely rode the little bike in London at all, unlike last year where I caught the tube about 5 times.

Next year will be new job, scary times and hopefully the chance to do more of what I want to do. Which is write and mess with Puppet.

Bring it on.


Anonymous said...

hey julian, it didn't click in my head that you had left tw already. that's too bad (for tw). hope that your new venture will prove much more fulfilling. good luck! :)

Julian said...

Dahlia, thanks for your kind wishes. Like the post said, mixed feelings :) Happy new year!

Moose said...


I hope opportunities turn up for you. I enjoyed one of your Cruise Control articles a few months back then realised that you are Woking-based like me.

I spotted you again from googling on leukaemia in Woking.

By the way if you are freelance (or think of going freelance) and with the PCG, have you tried the forums there?

All the best,

Adrian Gray
GrayMoose Ltd.
(living in Goldsworth Park, Woking)