Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Debian on my eeepc makes me happy

I ruined the Xandros install on my Asus Eeepc weeks ago. So I've just done my second Debian install on it, this time using an 8Gb SDHC card to host the OS. There's a tangible lag sometimes because the SD card is connected via USB2, but not enough to matter. Mostly I just write stuff using Vim, if I get a seat on the train.


Eric Lefevre said...

Julian, have you tried installing a modern Java IDE on it?
I am interested in those beasts in to do some personal coding.

So far, I have not found conclusive reports that it was possible to do reasonably normal Java coding on them.

Julian said...


It's a normal Debian install, which has the Sun Java 5 and 6 JDK's aavailable. The issues might be:

- can you fit your toolset into the 4Gb version?
- will the screen size hinder you?

Screen size doesn't bother me because I'm using Vim. Sometimes I do lift the whole thing up to peer at, but I think that might be my age :)

I have got Java and Mono stacks on there, but it's mainly to test the code examples that I blog about.

I think you can buy RAM upgrades for the 4Gb version which would help. the internal flash drive is much faster than USB2.

Hope this helps!