Sunday, June 01, 2008

A precious moment

Today, both my daughters were riding bikes, unaided. Lesley and I are over the moon about it.

We decided that it was time to get Emma a bike. After a visit to the fine Action Bikes in Woking, we learned that:
  • Abby, the older one was using a bike that was too small
  • The bike that Emma fancied in the shop was also too small.
We ended up buying Abby a new bike sans trainers, and putting the trainer wheels back on her old bike to give to Emma. It's rough being the youngest. There's an abandoned go-kart track near us in Woking that's now a park, so we went out there and let the kids loose. Emma went tearing off on her "new" bike. Abby had gained confidence after some false starts, and proceeded to demonstrate it by riding about 5 times around the track without stopping.

Both Lesley and myself knew that she had the cycling bug when she went around the track without stopping to talk to us. Now we need to get a cycle rack so we can all race around.

Two kids, each knocking off a rite of passage. Magic.

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