Sunday, June 15, 2008

The 20th Woking Bikeathon

The Woking bikeathon starts at 10am sharp. Once the speeches had finished, we set off about 10:20. To be fair, they had Alastair Campbell, a past Mayor of Woking and a present Mayor of Woking and other dignitaries queueing up to have their speech.

This year the route took us through New Haw, along the M25 in a zigzag fashion, through Virginia Water past the Wentworth golf course, across the M3 and back in Woking via Chobham and Horsell before heading back to Sheerwater where the ride starts. This route came very close to our street, but we didn't give in to temptation and go home for cups of tea.

It felt a lot easier this year. I put it down to the bike. Last year I was riding a mountain bike with street tires; this year I actually bought a hybrid road bike. It makes all the difference in comfort and speed. This year also felt easier because it wasn't hosing with rain. 30 miles quickly vanished under our tyres. Fueled on doughnuts (apparently, the staple food of the bikeathon), we did our bit for Leukemia Research in about 3 hours. I think I'll try it towing a child next time.

To all those who sponsored and encouraged us: thank you. It means a lot.


Sidu said...

Thought this might interest you - this gig was started by a TWer from Bangalore.

Julian said...


Thank you! I remember Rohan Kini. The article url got mangled on my browser, so here's a shorter url:

I would love to ride to work every day. I have to take my bike on the train, it's just to darn far...