Monday, April 07, 2008

Do you have a Mac OS 7 install CD or disks cluttering up your office?

I'm going to either:

- give away my beloved Apple MacIntosh SE/30, or
- make the thing work.

I'm looking for a copy of Mac OS 7 so I can make it boot. With the 80Mb hard disk that I used to run my business on in 1996, an external SCSI CD-RW drive and a little luck, I think I stand a decent chance. Drop me a comment if you know where I might get a copy. Thanks.

Update: It looks like I'll need to resurrect the x86 machine in my cupboard, burn some floppies to boot from, and then boot up the Mac. I should have been doing this on those long winter nights ...


Hack Kampbjørn said...

Just download it from apple's website

nasrat said...

Debian m68k port or netbsd may get it booted: