Sunday, November 25, 2007

XP Day 2007: Brilliant!

Presenting an experience report while recovering from a bout of stomach bug: Interesting. I think I did well considering. The response was positive, with two pieces of negative or neutral feedback, but 17 positive. I presented this talk at Agile 2007 this year with my friends Shane and Rolf. We assumed that was it (we all binned our talk notes, which didn't help me), until Angela Martin kindly suggested that we submit it for this conference.

Top tip: if you present 3 person report without the other two people, rewrite slides so you know what it's really on about.

I'd never been to an XP Day before; I was very pleasantly surprised by the lovely people and the great sessions. Highlights for me were:
  • Catching up with former colleagues, people from CITCON, and other conferences
  • Being prepared to argue about Non Functional Requirements in Sally Ann Freudenberg's fishbowl, and having Nat Pryce and Keith Braithwaite argue most of what I wanted to say anyway.
  • Duncan Pierce and Rachel Davies' standing-room-only session 'Cognitive Bias in Decision-making'
  • The final session for the second day of the developer track was Steve Freeman's panel: 'Have we lost our Mojo?'. It was great to see so many notable people debating the state of the Agile community.
In summary: It's well worth attending.

I think the Mojo is behind the cushions on the sofa, anyhow.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm presenting at XP Day London next week

I'm presenting an experience report called "Large Build Teams: Help or Hindrance?" at XP Day London this Monday. Looking forward to it.

Friday, November 09, 2007

CruiseControl Best Practices - part 3 in English and Chinese

The third installment of my series, "CruiseControl Enterprise Best Practices" is available in English and Chinese. Thanks as usual to John, who publishes the ThoughtWorks Studios blog posts for us, and Guanglei for the Chinese translation.

Also, thanks to Chris who pointed out the WTF in my tests for validator code.