Monday, May 07, 2007

Woking Bikeathon Training

Our training for the Woking Bikeathon has been less than adequate. I cycle a few miles a day to work, and Lesley cycles where she can. In a perfect world we would train several times a week. Last weekend we cycled about 25km from Woking to Virginia Water and back.

On Saturday we drove the route to get acquainted with the course - it's mercifully flat and very pleasant with plenty of shade in the country lanes. Actually seeing the course was a shock; it's longer than it looks. On Sunday I rode less than a third of the course (from Woking to Ripley, and back through Send). I didn't have time to ride much more, but I did learn that I need to make a few more adjustments to my bike so I can comfortably do the ride.

I hope to have my knees intact after the ride, so I will be focussing on keeping a steady pace throughout the course. I'll be very happy if we raise money for the Leukaemia Research charity, enjoy the ride, and can physically ride home afterwards. If you want to sponsor us or see who has already, click here.

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Chris Talbot said...

I hope that you made it around on Sunday despite the weather:D