Monday, March 12, 2007

CruiseControl.rb: the newest Cruise Control

There are 3 CruiseControls as of today. Java, .NET, and now Ruby. The newest one looks fantastic and is very simple.

There's a 5 minute movie of the install here:

and more info on the site here:

Here's the features:

* Can be installed in 10 minutes.

* Works out of the box with a regular Ruby or Ruby on Rails project. No configuration necessary.

* Web-based dashboard, convenient, useful and pretty.

* When a build is broken or fixed, notifies users via email, instant messaging or CCTray.

* RSS feed to track the build status of your favourite projects.

* Jump to the code causing a build error in one click.

* Displays custom build artifacts. No configuration necessary.

* Can interoperate with any build tool that can be invoked through command line and returns a non-zero exit code if the build fails. Like:
o nant
o ant
o etc…

* Extendable through builder plugins, custom build schedulers and other configuration options.

* Infinitely hackable thanks to publicly available source code and Ruby open classes.

* Free as in “free beer”.

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