Wednesday, October 18, 2006

VOIP over WiFi: very nice

Lesley and I have been lent some Nokia E60 mobile phones to try out. We're making and receiving VOIP calls (via Truphone )over our home wireless router. For me the benefit isn't just the free or cheap calls to landline phones, and free calls to other VOIP phones (once I get this working in the office I'll save a fortune calling home); its the fact that I can actually get coverage in my own house. I get marginal coverage in most of the house, and taking phone calls in the garden is starting to be less appealing now with autumn kicking in.

The service is still in beta; we had some trouble getting the service integrated with the phone - it's an application that installs on the phone with SIP and WiFi configuration, and it was this last part that caused the issue. Our router was also blocking registration to the VOIP service as well. I had to read some FAQ's and re-install a few times.

Your mobile number also gets registered with Truphone so they can forward calls to your GSM number if you don't have WiFi coverage. I think it's well worth looking at if you have a WiFi compatible mobile phone.

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