Tuesday, October 03, 2006

CruiseControl builds my web site

I'm back in London. San Francisco was fantastic: I got to see the Airplane House.

Since I got back last month I've spent some time migrating from my silly hosting provider to a shiny new one. This time I decided that I would play with some new toys , so I built it with:
  • BuildMaster (because life is too short to format html, or do trivial build automation)
  • Rake (because I wanted to explore alternatives to Ant)
  • CruiseControl (I had made an instance anyway)
It's been fun. Cruise calls rake via the new-ish exec builder, and rake does all the work of calling buildmaster to update the checkout, generate the content, install the new site etc. I still need a way to be pass the label from cruise to rake. I also need to write some actual content for the site.

Initial thoughts on Rake: it is refreshing to use; the syntax is easy to migrate to if you've used ruby and/or Make. Rake also has a feature that I miss from Make: it will generate files only if their dependant source files have changed. Nice.

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